Friday, July 19, 2013

Subscription Box Detox

I've come to love many a beauty subscription box throughout the past few years, and lately I've decided that it's time to scale back. The other day, my good friend Kristen asked, "Girl, how jam-packed is your medicine cabinet?!" after I posted my latest Birchbox on Instagram. I replied that my beauty samples have moved way beyond the medicine cabinet.. lol. I realized this a short while back so I decided to pare down my subscription boxes for the sake of my bathroom storage space (and my wallet!).

For now, I'll be keeping the following subs:

For $10 a month, you really can't beat this beauty sub. The cool thing is that you get points for the samples you review from each Birchbox you receive, and the points add up to money to spend in the Birchbox shop (read: full-size products for free, or almost free!). I feel like Birchbox has really stepped up their sample game lately because my recent boxes have been fabulous. Since I'm so pleased with BB, I'll be keeping this sub for the foreseeable future.

POPSUGAR Must Have Box
Okay, so this box is $35 a month. I was extremely lucky to receive six months of this sub for free because of referrals (thank you!), but that time has now come to an end. I really like the lifestyle-themed, mostly full-size items I get to try via PSMH and don't feel as though it's a bad value for the items received. I don't think I'll keep this sub on a monthly basis, but I've decided that it's okay to splurge on it every now and then (especially if there's a promo code floating around!).

One-time purchase boxes like the Target Beauty Box, Allure Beauty Box, etc. are still all fair game lol.

And the boxes I've discontinued:

1. GLOSSYBOX - at $21 a box, it's too expensive to keep this sub on a monthly basis.
2. FabFitFun - I was let down by their first box and decided not to subscribe for the summer installment.
3. - this $7 snack box is fun, but I'd like to spend my calories on more fruits and veggies :)
4. Cravebox - went of business a few months ago, boxes weren't super-awesome.
5. Loose Button Luxe Box - this Canadian service offered two US boxes last year but did not continue.

In the meantime, I'll be wading through the piles using up my sample stock, and will hopefully give my medicine cabinet some breathing room :)


  1. The first step is admitting you have a problem. ;) I will miss your excellent reviews but think you made a great choice! xo

    1. Lol so very true! Hehe thanks, KP! :D

  2. can't LOOK! ::strikes dramatic box detox pose::

    1. We're beyond saving, Cookie! :)

    2. Cookie, you are too funny!

      I have recently cut back, too. I canceled Birchbox and I get my free Glossybox this month from saving my Glossydots, but I'm thinking of not re-subbing. This won't be permanent, though because I really do love most of the products I've received in Glossybox, but I need to take a break because I feel like stuff is going to expire before I even have a chance to use it!

    3. Lol you guys are too funny! :D I had to step back and use a critical eye to determine if I really needed to continue some of these subs (which was difficult!). At least my wallet's happy even though I may be pouty about it hehehe :)